Wagering Requirements Explained

Players will stumble upon wagering requirements when trying to claim a casino bonus, but what does a wagering requirement entail? Here you’ll learn what it is, what games contribute to it, and tactics on how to clear wagering requirements more efficiently.

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What are Wagering Requirements?

A wagering requirement at online casinos is the number of times you must wager your deposited amount to claim any bonus money. These bonuses, often called ‘Welcome Bonuses,’ are offered when players first join.

For example, if you deposit $20, the casino may match, double, or triple it, but you must wager these funds before withdrawing. This is due to legal mandates, like anti-money laundering laws, in Canada and other countries where casinos operate.

Wagering requirements exist to help casinos recover their money and deter fraud. Players need to meet specific criteria; for a $20 deposit, you may need to wager it 10, 20, or 50 times, varying by casino.

What is a good wagering requirement?

We consider a wagering requirement between 0x-35x to be within industry standards when it comes to good wagering requirements. Anything above this limit will be hard to wager and receive any winnings on.

When looking through or recommended online casinos, we urge you to check the wagering requirement which you can find by clicking in on the casino’s review. There you will be displayed the full story of the casino site and what you need to do in order to claim the casino bonus.

Casino Game Contribution to Wagering Requirements

Games contribute to wagering requirements by varying percentages. For instance, if you need to wager $20 ten times, you need to play at least for $200. You choose a game to bet on, and that contributes to your wagering requirement. However, not all games contribute equally; this is known as “Game Weighting,” which represents the percentage a game contributes to your wager requirement.


Slots often carry a 100% weight, meaning if you bet $1, $1 counts toward the wagering requirement. We recommend on playing slots with high RTP, meaning you will have a higher chance to recieve winnings and as such, have more to play for in order to play through the wagering requirement.

Remember that online slots that have high RTP will pay out lower, while lower RTP slots might pay out bigger chunks. It all comes down to what you as a player like.

Table games

Table games such as roulette and blackjack usually only contribute between 10-25%. Let’s say roulette contributes 10%, if you bet a dollar, $0.10 is wagered. As table games have a variable of the players own choice and a higher return percentage on winnings than slots, it’s usually not as favorable as slots which is a 100% random.

Live dealer games

Some casino sites gives out special bonuses when playing with live dealer, as it’s a popular way of playing table games. The contribution towards the wagering requirement on live dealer games will often be equal to normal table games or lower, as players can use certain tactics to increase their chances of winning.

How to make the most out of a bonus despite wagering requirements

In our review process of casino sites, one of the most important tasks is playing through the welcome bonus and its wagering requirements. By choosing a casino with low wagering requirements, it’s easier to accrue winnings for a potential payout.

The wagering requirement you’ll find in our review of every casino, but if you go straight into an online casino without checking out at Casivo first, we recommend reading through the terms and conditions of the bonus. The bonus should clearly state what the wagering requirements are, and what games provide the greatest weighting towards it. Slots are typically weighted at 100%, then it trickles down in percentage when playing games like table games and live games.

Casinos with no wagering requirement

If players don’t want to play towards a wagering requirement, they can simply opt out of the welcome bonus. There are however a lot of online casinos that offer a no wagering casino bonus, but these bonuses tend to be very low.

How To Calculate Wagering Requirements

Calculating wagering requirements is a simple process that involves multiplying the bonus amount by the wagering requirement. For example, if you receive a bonus of $50 with a wagering requirement of 30x, you will need to wager $1,500 before you can withdraw any winnings.

To make it easier, here’s a table that shows how much you need to wager based on different bonus amounts and wagering requirements:

Bonus amountWagering requirementTotal bet

Other limitations that come with wagering requirements

In most cases, online casinos in Canada may require more than just playing through a wagering requirement. There might be other limitations that players should be aware of and we have listed the most common ones:

Game restrictions

Some casinos will restrict which casino games you can play while you’re working on your wagering requirements. For example, they might only allow you to play slots or table games, but not both.

If you’ve gotten free spins as a part of your bonus, these might apply to a certain game of the casino’s choice. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any surprises.

Maximum bet limit

We often see casinos impose a maximum bet limit on the wagering requirements. This means you can’t bet more than a certain amount per spin or hand. Be sure to check the terms and conditions so you don’t accidentally violate this rule.

Expiration dates

Bonuses and promotions will come with expiration dates. If you don’t use them within a certain timeframe, they’ll expire, and you’ll lose them. Pay attention to these dates so you don’t miss out on any potential rewards.

Time limits

Many casinos will impose a time limit on how long you have to meet your wagering requirements. If you don’t meet them within the specified timeframe, your bonus and any winnings associated with it will be forfeited.

Impact of Wagering Requirements on Player’s Decision

Wagering requirements play a crucial role in determining a player’s decisions. These requirements can significantly affect the way you use your bonus funds and make it difficult to cash out your winnings. Here are a few ways in which wagering requirements can impact your decisions:

Choosing the right bonus offer

Wagering requirements can influence your decision on which bonus offer to choose. A bonus with a lower wagering requirement may seem more attractive, but it may also come with other restrictions.

On the other hand, a bonus with a higher wagering requirement may offer more flexibility in terms of games and betting amounts. We recommend to check out each casino site in-depth with our reviews to see exactly what you get when grabbing a welcome bonus.

Deciding how to use your bonus funds

Once you’ve chosen a bonus offer, wagering requirements can influence how you use your bonus funds. You may be tempted to use your bonus funds on high-risk bets to meet the wagering requirements quickly.

This strategy can also lead to losing your bonus funds and not meeting the requirements. We recommend going with games you enjoy, and if you need to clear out wagering requirements quickly, slots are the way to go.

Our final thoughts

Wagering requirements, for better or worse, are an integral part of the casino industry. Bonuses and their associated wagering requirements differ significantly among operators, offering players several options.

Players can opt out of bonuses with strings attached, eliminating the wagering requirement. The best scenario for most players is high bonuses with low wagering requirements. Some view wagering requirements as an extra chance to win, while others prefer low bonuses without wagering requirements. Simplifying the who, what, and where of wagering requirements.

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