Real Money Blackjack Online

Blackjack is a stable casino game for every casino, and it is considered one of the most played online games available. In fact, we’re sure you’ve heard about it even if you haven’t played it. On this page we have gathered the best blackjack online casinos and where to play blackjack for real money, together with how to play blackjack online, including all its types, variations, and rules.

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Best Real Money Online Blackjack Casinos 2024

  • Rest of Canada
  • Ontario
1 Casumo Casino
  • 100% up to $1,500
  • 115 Free Spins
  • In-Game Adventure
  • Casino & Sports
  • 15 Free Spins on Registration
2 CasiGO Casino
  • Up to $1,100
  • 375 Free Spins
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Smart features for regular players
  • Great welcome offer
3 ComeOn
  • 100% up to $1500
  • +300 Free Spins
  • Casino & Sportsbook
  • Loyalty Program
  • Highest Quality
4Free Spins Hellspin
  • 100% up to $1,200
  • 150 Free Spins
  • 2 Deposit Bonuses
  • Reload Bonus
  • VIP Program
5 Twin Casino
  • 100% up to $1200
  • 200 Free Spins
  • Award-winning
  • 37 Game Providers
  • Fast withdrawals
6 Neon Vegas
  • 500% up to $500
  • Low wagering requirement
  • 500% Bonus
  • Low wagering requirement
  • Fast Withdrawals
7 Spinaway Casino
  • $1500 Bonus
  • 100 free spins
  • Easy registration
  • 3 matched bonuses
  • Sleek design
8 Slotbox Casino
  • up to $1,000
  • 100 free spins
  • Slot driven casino
  • Promotions with good value
  • Easy navigation
9 Lucky Days Casino
  • 100% up to $1,500
  • 100 Free Spins
  • Fast Casino
  • Over 2200 Games
  • Huge Live Casino Selection

Play Blackjack Online

If you want to play blackjack online you have come to the right place. In our toplist you will find licensed online casinos that offer multiple blackjack games online. You can even play live blackjack at these sites. Check out our lists and find a casino to play blackjack online.

Best Blackjack Online Casinos

  1. LeoVegas – Huge blackjack selection
  2. Casumo – Fantastic online casino experience
  3. Casino Days – Famous for their live casino blackjack
  4. Lucky Days – Blackjack 24/7
  5. Hellspin – Reload bonuses for blackjack

What Is Online Blackjack?

Let’s get one thing off the hook right away: whether you play blackjack online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, the game is the same. It is a unique card game where the players don’t play against each other but compete with the dealer.

Also known as Twenty-One, the rules are pretty easy to understand. Worth to note is however that you can play blackjack for real money online or physical, but you can only play for free online and not in a real casino.

Depending on where you play online blackjack, it can involve one, two, four, six, or eight decks of 52 cards. The reason why so many operators or establishments are using more than one deck of cards is that most top players all possess the skill of counting cards. In fact, some operators even consider counting cards as cheating, and they’re trying their best to escape the situation.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games so it doesn’t come as a surprise that almost every casino has it. So, how do you play blackjack and where do you find the best blackjack casino to play for real money? Read on further for a full breakdown.

How To Play Blackjack Online

If you are considering playing online blackjack, you will first have to find an online casino that provides a secure online blackjack table. If you have found a blackjack casino in one of our toplists you can rest assured that the casino is legit and holds a valid license.

We have done the groundwork and only list blackjack casinos with proper licensing in respective province. Once your account is up and running, head over to the games section and find a blackjack table, which is usually located in the table games tab.

You can choose to play RNG Blackjack or find a Live Blackjack table to join. If you need to polish up on the rules and gameplay of blackjack we recommend you read our guide on how to play blackjack.

  1. Join a Table Online
    Find a Blackjack table of your likning and join it. You’ll be dealt with 2 cards face up, the dealer will be dealt with one card face up and one face down.
  2. Hit Or Stand
    Figure out the value of your cards as well as the dealers cards. You want to get as close to 21 as possible and you are playing against the dealer. If you choose to Hit you ask the dealer for another card. If you Choose to Stand the dealer will not deal you a new card. You can use our cheat sheet to learn when to hit or stand.
  3. Check Your Hand Value
    Based on your previous move you have to reassess the value of your new hand. You continue playing if you have 21 or less.
  4. Dealer Reveals Their Cards
    The dealer will reveal their face down card after all players have made the decision to Hit or Stand.
  5. Who’s Closer to 21?
    Last part of the game is to check who is the closest to 21. If your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer you win. The Dealer wins if they have a score closer to 21 than any of the players.
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Blackjack Payouts, Tips & Reminders

  • Keep in mind that cards from 2 to 10 have a face value; The King, Queen, and Jack are worth 10, while the Aces can either be a 1 or 11.
  • If your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer this is considered regular wins and it pays 1:1
  • When your hand is exactly 21 it’s called Blackjack wins and pays 3:2
  • You can also play 16 and below meaning that the dealer must hit on any hand that has the value of 16 or bellow 16.
  • If you have two cards of equal value you can choose to split your hand turning it into two hands, this way you will get an extra chance to win.
  • Double Down is one more thing to remember when playing blackjack online. Double down means that you can double your bet mid hand. If you have chosen to the dealer will only deal you one more card. We don’t recommend doubling down if you have anything other than a 10 or 11.
  • Never Split two face cards as it statistically never increases your chances of winning.
  • A rule of thumb that you should always remember is to always split Aces and 8s, to increases your chances of winning on at least one hand.

Types of Blackjack Online Games

Even though there are several types of blackjack that you can find to play, some of the basic rules are always present. You always go up against the dealer, and the main objective is always getting the closest to 21 without going above. We’ll now look into some popular types of online blackjack games:

American Blackjack

The classic version, or the most common version of Blackjack which is considered one of the best blackjack games, that you will find at any gaming site is American Blackjack. It can be played with 1 to 8 decks of 52 cards. You and the dealer will each be dealt two cards, with one facing up and one facing down. A winning hand is when you are closer to 21 than the dealer, and you lose if the dealer is closer, or you go over 21.

European Blackjack

The goal of European Blackjack is the same as the American version; however, you will only be playing with 2 decks of 52 cards. Also, when the cards are dealt, you receive your 2 cards, while the dealer gets one, which will be facing up or showing. The dealer doesn’t get the second card until you make your next move. Once you Hit, Stand, Split, or Double, the dealer will receive the second card.


The big difference you will notice when playing Pontoon is that the callouts have different names. So instead of the standard Hit, Stand, Split, or Double, here you will have to call Twist, Stick, Buy, or Pontoon.

This version is almost always played with 6 or 8 decks of cards, but you might encounter a game where the 10s aren’t used. Another difference is that the dealer’s cards aren’t revealed, plus you can’t stand on a sum of 15 or less. Pontoon is known to be more fast-paced and interesting than other versions.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This is probably the newest version and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In this version, you play with 8 decks of 52 cards, and the house edge is known to be pretty low. Some differences include that the dealer must Stand whenever they get a sum of 17 and that you are allowed to Split 3 times. At any point during the game, you are allowed to surrender.

Spanish 21

One of the hardest versions of blackjack, which has an increased house edge, is Spanish 21. In this version, the major difference is that all the 10s in all the decks are removed. No matter if the game is played with 6, 7, or 8 decks, all the 10s won’t be included.

You can double down on any two cards and even surrender when you like. Another massive difference is that whenever you get a 21 hand, you automatically win that hand, no matter what the dealer has.

Progressive Blackjack

This version can differ depending on where you play. Progressive blackjack can be based on any type of blackjack, American, European, etc. As each hand passes, more and more funds will be added to a jackpot, which will be given to the ultimate winner. As we mentioned, certain rules may vary depending on where you play.

Multi-hand Blackjack

The name gives you everything you need to know about this variant. This is when you play multiple hands at once. By playing 3 or more hands simultaneously, you might have a better chance of winning. This type is for players who know the game inside and out and can make Split decisions. Skilled players will play 5 or more hands at once.

Real Money Blackjack vs Free Games

While this game is meant to be played with real money, some online casinos give players the opportunity to try out blackjack games for free. You will likely stumble upon sites where you can test out your skills at RNG blackjack without having to place any real-money bets.

The main benefits of playing free blackjack online are that you don’t have to deposit any funds and don’t have to worry about losing any money. This is a great way for newbie players to get a feel for the game, learn the rules, and check out some of the basic calls in-game. Plus, this game is pure entertainment itself.

On the other hand, there are some benefits when you play a blackjack game with real money. The first big plus of playing with real money is that you can claim certain bonuses that the operators are offering, giving you a bigger cash pool. Next is the fact that you can participate in online tournaments that have high prize pools.

While RNG blackjack can be entertaining and played without depositing funds, the true experience is playing live dealer games. With a live dealer, you will feel like you are at a Vegas casino, chatting with other players and the dealer.

On top of all that, when you choose to play using real money, you get to try out and have a shot at various types of games. In the free game versions, you only get the most basic or classic blackjack types. Once you deposit some cash, many doors open, and you get to play Pontoon, Spanish 21, Progressive, and Multi-hand Blackjack.

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Blackjack Cheat Sheet – Tips and Strategies


Check out our little blackjack strategy card that you can use as your personal blackjack cheat sheet. To make it easier for you to learn to play blackjack, just save it on your phone or computer, download it or print it out so you always know what to do when playing blackjack online.

Click on the download link below for a free blackjack cheat sheet in PFD format, that is printable and easy to understand.

Blackjack on Mobile & Apps

Playing blackjack online is as easy on computer as on your mobile phone. Today, almost every online casino in Canada is mobile friendly, as the controls are simple and works the same way. The best casinos for blackjack are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, and can be played either through an app or directly from the browser.

We have made a list of the top blackjack sites that are mobile-friendly either through a browser or with downloading an app:

CasinoMobile Site & AppRatingOur Review
LeoVegasYes4.9/5 ⭐LeoVegas Review
CasumoYes4.8/5 ⭐Casumo Review
ComeOnYes4.7/5 ⭐ComeOn Review
Jackpot CityYes4.3/5 ⭐Jackpot City Review

4 Tips for Online Blackjack

Before we let you go to try out Blackjack, we recommend reading our tips below for a fun and safe experience.

  • Choose one of our recommended blackjack sites for the best offers.
  • Practice in free-mode before playing blackjack with real money.
  • Take advantage of a bonus before playing.
  • Follow a basic blackjack strategy.

Blackjack FAQ

How to win at Blackjack?

To win at blackjack you have to get as close to 21 as possible, without going bust. Some variations of blackjack even gives you an automatic win if you hit 21.

Is blackjack rigged?

No, sites with blackjack games recommended by us are not rigged. Every casino holds a license with reputable game developers, which use a random number generator to ensure legitimate and fair results.

What are the best blackjack sites?

There are a lot of great blackjack sites, but for players in Canada the best ones right now are:

  • Leovegas
  • Casumo
  • Casino Days
  • ComeOn
  • Hellspin

Can I play blackjack on any device?

If the casino is optimized for mobile, which the majority of casinos in Canada are, you can play blackjack on any device.

Can I play blackjack online for free?

Yes, many sites offer to play for free. Click the demo button of a game to try it out.

Can I play online blackjack for real money?

Yes, online blackjack games is available both as a free version but also playable as a real money game. To play for real money, we recommend to check our top lists for the best online blackjack sites.

What are the best online blackjack games?

The best real money blackjack games is American blackjack and European blackjack, as it has the lowest house edge.