WeSpin Together at ComeOn

Hannah Rodriguez
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WeSpin Together at ComeOn

What is WeSpin?

WeSpin is a streaming platform created by ComeOn in early 2021, bridging the gap between streamers and players. Streaming games in itself has become increasingly popular throughout the years, where Twitch has the leading position with an avarage of viewers being over 2.5 million+ in March alone. ComeOn is using Twitch as the streaming platform on their own site, letting content creators stream via ComeOn where players on the site can connect and play together.

How does WeSpin work?

In the Lobby, players are met with a huge selection of creators who are playing in real time and by a simple click on any channel, you can join into the stream and watch them play for free, while also being able to chat with the streamer and the other viewers. It’s a fun take on online gambling in itself which on many levels can be quite lonely and lack the casino atmosphere compared to a brick and mortar casino.

Play together, win together

To be able to watch and chat throughout the stream is not anything new or innovative in itself as it existed through Twitch for many years. What’s new and innovative about the WeSpin platform is that you can bet or buy-in together with the players watching and the streamer themselves. Once joining the stream you as a player have a WeSpin Balance, which you can deposit and and play with together with the channel. The range of wagers typically is around $10 – $100, the choice is yours. When the streamer wins on the slot, all players that bought in win with them. The winnings are split between all players and deposited to your WeSpin balance at the end of the stream.

Streaming in the future

It goes without saying that watching streamers and content creators is here to stay and the gambling industry has just tapped into this market. More and more companies are doing the ComeOn way of creating these kind of platforms for the players, taking the Canadian online casino experience to new fun heights.